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Titanium Fireworks, one of the largest fireworks companies in the UK are the masters behind Edinburgh’s Hogmanay fireworks.

We were treated to a close up look at what has been put in place ahead of the iconic Midnight Moment fireworks around the ramparts of Edinburgh Castle. There are lots of fireworks already set there in tubes and covered in plastic to shield them from any inclement weather.

Simon Page of Titanium was the picture of calmness when we met him on the Edinburgh Castle esplanade. He explained that is exactly how it always is. He said : “This is how it has to be. We are dealing with explosives and we have got to get it right. The weather is being good to us.”

We were standing next to 9km connecting 3,600 fireworks with 16 members of the Titanium crew. That is 14,000 units or in other words hundreds of thousands of stars, that is each sparkle that you see in the sky.

Simon continued : “There are some new ‘shells’ in from China, some exciting new shapes like a jellyfish. There is also a ghost shell which we really like. It explodes and goes one colour, goes dark and then goes another colour – three times in all. We really like those we are very excited by those.”

Titanium buy 90%+ of his fireworks from China which is we are told where most fireworks in the world come from.

As well as the Midnight Moment display on Hogmanay, there will be other displays such as The Bairns Afore display and other teasers during the evening. But first there are fireworks at the end of the Torchlight Procession on Sunday evening – so watch out for those.

The Titanium crew were joined by Edinburgh’s own The Mac Twins, Hogmanay Hosts of this year’s Street Party. Lisa and Alana are from Buckstone and have carved out a career as DJs, living in London. They said that they are causing a bit of disruption staying with their mum while they are here, but they are very much looking forward to Monday night when they help everyone enjoy the Street Party. More from them later!

Blond twins with fireworks tubes
The Mac Twins with empty fireworks tubes Photo John Preece