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Come and try a vegan burger they said, it will be tasty they said. Being invited to try a vegan version of anything is akin to being chief bridesmaid at a dry wedding in my book. However I set off to Indigo Yard with an almost open mind.

Burger and sweet potato fries
Moving Mountains burgers – no beef

The Moving Mountains burgers are designed to look, taste and feel like meat. And guess what? It did all of the above and was one of the best burgers I’ve ever tasted. The four Montpeliers Group restaurants are serving a different version of this burger. I sampled the Tiger Lilly: served with satay slaw, Sriratcha ketchup and sweet potato fries. Montpelier, Rabble and Indigo Yard all have their own versions. If I can be convinced, anyone can, so go on, open your mind to these plant based delights.

Table set for press launch with goodie bags draped over chairs
Moving Mountains goodie bags

Deliciousness continued to come my way when I was given the best brownie I’d ever tasted: a salted caramel square of gooey loveliness.. 101 Bakery have been supplying Edinburgh finest coffee houses for some time but now have their own outlet at 101 Newington Street. This unit used to be a more down to earth takeaway and they continue to be inundated with customers looking for a bacon roll. All I can say is open your minds, bacon lovers. There’s nothing wrong with a sweet treat in the morning. And try a vegan burger for lunch while you’re at it.

REading the Happy news at the Happy Cafe
The Happy Café meets at the Santosa Yoga centre on the last Saturday of every month.

As the dark mornings and long nights set in it’s only natural to feel slightly down. If a boost in general wellbeing is required then head to Edinburgh first Happy Cafe. Joining Action for Happiness’ global network of cafes where people meet to promote happiness and wellbeing, this initiative meets at the Santosa Yoga Centre, 21 Albert Street on the last Saturday of every month. Action for Happiness’s patron is the Dalai Lama, who always looks very cheery, it has to be said. Email happycafeedinburgh@gmail.com

Shot of people seated at the Happy Café
The Happy Café meets at the Santosa Yoga centre on the last Saturday of every month.