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We have received this letter to the editor today – on the subject of Brexit. We are happy to receive letters on any topic. Please email them to editor@theedinburghreporter.co.uk.

Dear Editor,

The Final Say should go to the people

“A ‘blind’ Brexit is the equivalent of a child covering their eyes when watching a horror movie” (Professor Sir Anton Moscatelli)

Figures recently released show that since the Brexit vote two years ago, huge numbers of EU citizens are leaving their vital roles in our public services. This has already been noted for the NHS.

Universities across the country have also been hammered by the impact of Brexit, with 20,000+ EU nationals gone since 2016. Among the worst affected were Glasgow and Cambridge where the number of leavers ballooned by a quarter – threatening their position at the top of world rankings.

And who can blame those staff in all sectors who are leaving? With years of uncertainty and a hostile environment, we no longer seem the welcoming nation they came to be part of. Even here in Scotland, despite our efforts to help our EU friends feel welcome, the cold facts of the UK Government’s Brexit policies and bureaucracy have been sending a different message that people affected can’t ignore.

We need these EU citizens staffing our public services if we want to protect the NHS and deliver a first-class education system for our children.

We need the public to have the final say on the Brexit deal, to check if Theresa May’s botched Brexit Deal is still the will of the people.

We call on all Scottish MPs to vote down her deal, to back a final say for the people as their constituents wish.

THANK YOU to those MPs in Scotland who have already committed to voting down the deal.

Yet there remain the few who have not. Please think again.

Yours Sincerely.

Roberta Buchan
Best for Britain Regional Spokesperson for East of Scotland