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The group working to save the two storey sandstone block at Stead’s Place on Leith Walk have issued their own visual of what the block could look like.

The developer, Drum Property Group, has removed one storey from their plans lodged with the council, meaning that the block would be 7 storeys to the rear and 5 to the front.

Revised elevations plan lodged with the Drum Property Group’s planning application.

The campaigners say that this does not alter things much and asks for the public to support their campaign and register objections with the council.

A spokesperson for the campaigners said: “The response from the local community to Drum’s proposed scheme has been a resounding thumbs down. The revised proposal would still see the block demolished and it does nothing to address the deep-seated concerns felt by local people that this scheme is completely out of character for the conservation area.

“The community has come up with its own vision which would retain the existing block, support independent businesses and incorporate more social and affordable housing in a manner which would strengthen Leith as a diverse, vibrant place.”

Some of the tenants have already moved out of the block.

Drum Property Group plan to demolish the two storey block on Leith Walk built in 1933 for London Midlands Scottish Railway and replace it with a mixed use multi storey block. The site is bigger than it looks from Leith Walk as there is a large area to the rear.

The planning application has been opposed by The Proclaimers, Young Fathers, Jeremy Corbyn MP, city council leader Adam McVey, Ben Macpherson MSP and author Irvine Welsh. Campaigners say that the worry is that this development threatens Leith’s character and heritage.

The council’s planning committee is expected to decide on the application in late January.