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by Ash Denham SNP MSP for Edinburgh Eastern.

The Brexit process has been utterly shambolic and Scotland didn’t even vote for it. The Scottish Government’s voice has been consistently ignored throughout the negotiations and substantial powers are being stolen for no other reason than a Westminster power grab. Whilst the other parties have shown nothing but serial incompetence and pettiness, the SNP continue to show unity and consistency.

Headshot Ash Denham
Ash Denham MSP

As long as Scotland remains a part of the UK, we’re set to leave the EU and will have to live with the consequences.

Locked into a union of chaos in which decisions are made for us, not by us, governed not by the national interest, but by Westminster, led by a party severely fractured by internal fighting.

Scotland has its own distinct political needs, and independence is the only way to secure them. Independence will allow Scotland to re-join the EU to continue enjoying all of the benefits that EU membership brings without Tory rule. Despite all of the promises made in 2014, staying in the UK has led to nothing but political chaos and economic uncertainty.

Scotland deserves better, we must find the confidence to believe that and move forward towards independence.