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Craig Banks is a perfectionist. He admits that the reason he started up his own business on Thistle Street a year ago was to make his clients look the best they can. He himself is always immaculately turned out, and is the absolute poster boy for what his business sets out to do.

His gorgeous shop is located on Thistle Street where men of all ages can luxuriate and indulge in  the finest quality of bespoke configuration tailoring. At Craig Banks the focus is on making highest-quality personally tailored attire that others will aspire to. Craig will design your business suits, formal wear, shirts or outerwear.

His attention to detail makes it an event just to get dressed, no matter what the occasion is.

With a wide range of cloths for you to choose from, sourced from the world’s best mills, his expertise will guarantee you look and feel your best.

Craig offers a selection of ties and other accessories to complement your new look

Craig also offers a selection of goods from some of the UK’s best suppliers. He stocks hand-made cufflinks from Deakin & Francis, the best of Scottish cashmere from William Lockie and the most luxuriously finished night-wear from the world famous Derek Rose along with his own brand of all silk ties, scarves and handkerchiefs.

For leather goods and luggage, you will find the best in British design from Maxwell Scott Bags applied to the finest Italian leather all hand-made in Florence. This is the highest quality in made-to-measure clothing and accessories rivalling London’s finest, but coupled with that Craig Banks signature smile.

Make an appointment today to see what Craig Banks could do for you.