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The UK’s largest family owned removal firm, Bishop’s Move, which has a branch in Edinburgh, and McCarthy & Stone which is the leading developer of retirement communities for the over 60s, have combined in a partnership which ensures their clients get a much better customer service.

They are used to high profile clients like the Prime Minister but now they are directing their attention to those over 60 moving into retirement communities.

Bishop’s Move have a branch in Edinburgh and many others across the UK and Europe

Bishop’s Move not only move their customers into their new retirement community, they also ensure they settle in by providing essential support with the Bishop’s Move Concierge service. There are options such as decluttering, packing and unpacking, change of address support and a pre-home visit to set up an individual plan. Then they move the customer’s belongings to their new retirement property.

The decluttering service allows the removal firm to help charities at the same time, with £44,000 of unwanted items already given to national charity, Sense.

“This was one of many things which attracted us to Bishop’s Move,” commented David Bridges, McCarthy & Stone’s Group Marketing & Customer Experience Director. “Not only does the company deploy a very strong CSR policy, it also puts the customer first which is something we have been doing for over four decades now. In fact, we found that many of our own philosophies are also reflected within Bishop’s Move which bodes well for a promising and successful partnership.  We are confident that our customers will benefit vastly from the high levels of service Bishop’s Move can deliver.”

Alistair Bingle, Bishop’s Move Managing Director, comments: “It is quite easy to work out why the partnership between ourselves and McCarthy & Stone works so well; we are both cut from the same cloth when it comes to looking after our customers and the longevity of our nationwide services. We are extremely confident that this partnership will continue to flourish, as it has done, and we will continue to provide McCarthy & Stone customers with first rate removal and storage services.”

McCarthy & Stone have built and sold over 56,000 retirement properties. There are 11.8 million people over 65 at present which is expected to rise to 17.3 million by 2037.

Bishop’s Move in Edinburgh, across the UK, Spain and Gibraltar.