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Edinburgh Collected is a place to share, explore and discuss your memories of Edinburgh.

Join Edinburgh Collected and you’ll be contributing to an online community archive managed by Edinburgh Libraries.

Girls and their dog enjoy the snow c.1966

By adding pictures to Edinburgh Collected you will be helping to expand the city’s digital heritage collections and so enabling the Central Library to continue to preserve history for the future. 

Joining this site is a great way for local and community groups to make their projects available online. You can create scrapbooks to bring groups of memories together. And if you don’t have a picture, you can still share your story in a written memory.

Children playing in the Dean Village in 1947

Edinburgh Collected is free and easy to use on a computer, tablet or mobile phone. 

Step 1
Go to 

Step 2
Click on the ‘Get started’ button and sign up for an account with an email address and password.

Step 3
Add a memory! Choose either a picture or written memory then enter the details of the memory you’d like to share. Click to save it.

Step 4
Your memory will be checked by library staff and made live on the website within a couple of days. 

Step 5
Add another memory! 

If you’d like to find out more about Edinburgh Collected or need help getting started, please contact

Winter 1940 in Carrick Knowe