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A new festival celebrating Scottish craft gin and showcasing 80 different gins from across the country is to be held in Edinburgh in March.

With UK gin sales doubling in the last five years and Brits spending around £516 million on bottles of ‘mother’s ruin’ – the popularity of gin shows no sign of slowing. 

Offering up to 80 gins sourced from across Scotland, each bottle and glass served has a story and every story has its own explanation. From drawing inspiration from childhood favourite flavours to what grows on the doorstep, the festival has it all.

Taking place on 29 and 30 March at The Biscuit Factory in Edinburgh, True OriGINS will include 8 different bars at the festival, split up into different regions of Scotland. Included with your ticket is an exclusive True OriGINS glass and gin bible, allowing you to sample the variety of drinks on offer, whilst keeping you in the know about the history and background of each tipple. 

Included with each ticket is an exclusive True OriGINS glass and gin bible, allowing visitors to sample the variety of drinks on offer, whilst keeping them in the know about the history and background of each tipple. 

Among the selection of gins will be the true Scottish hospitality that has made Scots famous across the globe. This includes fresh local food, some of which will be perfectly partnered with the gins, as well as local music acts to keep the party atmosphere going.

Up tp 80 gins will be on offer

Backed by a wealth of industry experience in the drinks sector and a passion for knowing where the product is from, Guy Finlayson, alongside brother Mungo, is thrilled to be bringing a taste of Scotland to gin lovers. 

Guy said: “My passion for product provenance came from working in the wine and whisky industries.

“When working with fine wines in France or Italy, locals are hugely proud of the produce that their communities are putting out. Telling visitors all about their local wines, who makes them and why they are so special. This attitude to provenance and product origin has stuck with me, and now when I shop, I look for these hidden stories, which for me helps elevates them above other mass-produced labels.

“Through our festivals, I want people to have passion in the country, learn about the products we make locally, discovering where things are from, how they are made and who makes them.”

As well as a wide and expansive selection of locally curated gins, the True OriGINS festivals will also launch Guy and Mungo’s very first gin, Autumn.

Distilled in Aberdeenshire, Autumn was first sampled at the inaugural True OriGINS festival in London but will officially launch to market in February at the Banchory festival. 

Served with lots of ice, a double measure of gin and equal parts tonic water and finished with a slice of apple, the Finlayson brothers believe that the true delight in drinking the gin comes from the experience. 

Guy and Mungo Finlayson began with a gin festival in London and are now bringing it to Edinburgh

Guy explained: ““A gin, to us, is an experience. Whilst others may add extravagant extras in the form of garnishes and flavoured tonics, we like to stay true to the classic gin taste. For us, the best experience is simply to add great company to enjoy the drink with. We are so proud of our Scottish gin and we are excited to bring our quality brand to the market place this spring.”

Tickets for the True OriGINS Festival are available at https://trueorigins-ginfestival.com/tickets

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