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Action seems to be picking up on the Water of Leith with several anglers reporting good catches including John Dingwall. His success has generally been with self-tied Droz nymphs.

Lee Windram, the chief fishing officer, has also enjoyed good sport with three to the net on one trip, one to a iron blue dunn and two on a small white dry cast out and left to stay on a ripple into the calm.

Moving to The Clyde, a popular place for East of Scotland fishermen, Tom McGregor, secretary of the United Clyde Angling Protective Association, said that the their stretch of the river is starting to come to life.

He added: “Anglers have been catching on pheasant tail, gold-head hare lug and greenwell nymphs.

“Wet flies and spiders like march brown and greenwell glory are also proving to be successful.”

At sea, Derek Anderson of Aquamarine Charters of Eyemouth, who regular has clients from Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newcastle, hopes for better weather this weekend. Last weekend his two Catamaran craft stayed in port.