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Matthew Read Trio (MRT) features Matthew Read on double bass, Benedict Wood on guitar and Arthur Newell on drums and they will play The Jazz Bar next month.

Formed in 2015, the trio brings together three like-minded approaches to music making, creating an exciting new performance every time they play. Drawing influence from the bands of Pat Metheny, John Scofield, Paul Motian and many more, MRT brings a fresh edge to the world of the guitar trio.

Following hot on the heels of 2018 release Anecdotes, Vol 2, the trio return with a new collection of music written in preparation for Anecdotes, Vol 3.

Read said L “I have always written with a story, person or imagined scenario in mind – this collection of music is no different. Whether an anthem for the clueless Brit abroad, a piece about the inactivity caused by the Guardian’s weekend Sudoku or an ode to Arthur’s firmly-held belief that Wayne Shorter transforms in to a Raven, this music takes our life experience and puts it out there for our audiences.”

The trio hopes this tour will be a strong return to form as they launched their last album with twenty dates across the UK.

“We have grown as a band by playing together at every possible opportunity. Our favourite groups have always been ones whose memberships rarely (if ever) changed. We want to be known as a unit instead of three individuals and intend to do this by having a distinct sound.
“Now in our fifth year playing together, the trio has really started to take the shape that we saw it taking when we started. Getting on stage and playing together is easier than falling off a log. I feel so extremely lucky to have these two musicians to play with – they feel like an extension of myself.”

At the Jazz Bar on 15 May 2019