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There is an exhibition this weekend at Custom House telling stories about linen, the most sustainable textile.

One of the exhibitors is Claudia Escobar who is behind the new fashion label papaWes’ray, and is hoping that her linen denim breeks will attract some interest.

Claudia is a fashion designer who has spent the last few years developing a new denim with no bleach or dyes added. The denim we photographed her with yesterday was finished in Newhaven Harbour in a lobster creel. The interaction of lobsters and sea urchins transformed the twill in both colour and texture.

Listen to our podcast recorded with Claudia yesterday as she was setting up for the Y/Our Linen Stories exhibition.

Thirty metres of the raw linen twill was woven by Peter Greig & Sons in Kirkcaldy just across the Forth.

Follow the brand on Instagram @papawesray

The exhibition takes place today and tomorrow at Custom Lane Customs Wharf

  • Migration and the Sea: Creative Energy in Leith // Pop Up Exhibition
  • Walk by Design // Migration & Maritime Culture

While Admission and the Walk by Design are free, you may wish to sign up in advance via Eventbrite to reserve your place.

The linen twill after finishing in Newhaven Harbour