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Spring has certainly sprung for residents at a local care home after they welcomed seven new fluffy visitors.

In order to awaken the senses and encourage conversation between residents, the Care UK team at Murrayside, on South Beechwood, received a number of chicken eggs from a local producer for residents to look after to celebrate Easter.

When they hatched the chicks met the residents, and are now the centre of attention at the home for visiting friends and families.

Home manager at Murrayside, Michelle Reid, said: “Everyone had a spring in their step after the eggs hatched here at Murrayside. Having chicks in the care home has created a lot of excitement among the residents and Care UK team.

“Petting animals and being in their company has proven therapeutic benefits, particularly for those living with dementia, as it can reduce anxiety, release calming endorphins, and decrease feelings of loneliness. You could see from the residents’ reactions just how engaged they were when given the opportunity to look after the eggs and get close to such lovely, fluffy chicks once they hatched. We are now looking forward to watching them grow and develop at the home.”

Murrayside care home has been specially designed to enable residents to live active and fulfilled lives, while also promoting independence. The care home incorporates space for hobby and leisure activities, and has its own cinema, hair salon and café.

To find out more about Murrayside, please contact customer relations manager, Gillian Gray, on 0131 516 8767, or email 

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