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The RAz Duo have played concerts all over the world and their visit to The Grey Horse will long live in the memory.

Guitar virtuosi Andre Krengel and Roland Krause showcased their immense talent during a superb 90 minute show.

The German-born duo, who are currently on a Scottish tour taking in places including Dundee and The Borders, have individually and together previously appeared at The Edinburgh Fringe and performed jazz clubs restaurants and festivals in the USA, Africa, Australia, Canada and Europe.

Roland has also played in India and Asia and the quality of the highly-acclaimed duo was there for all to see and appreciate.

Their music is the product of a long-standing friendship and revolves around their common and individual journeys, adventues and memories.

Their are influences from the continents they have visited in the stimulating programme.

And they include anecdotes about their early career, when they had little money to go touring, and how their music has evolved.

Some has originated from around the kitchen table and the appetising collection had the appreciative audience under their spell from the opening bars of the set.

The ovation at the end of the concert summed up the collective feeling.

The RAz duo are the first international entertainers to grace The Grey Horse stage and what a way to celebrate. This was a night to remember.