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Scotland’s leading women’s players, including several from the Lothians, Louise Campbell, Sarah Jamieson, Kerry-Ann Hastings, Laura Swanson, Lucy Camlin and Lucy Lanigan, are under intense scrutiny when they start an eight-match series on Wednesday, May 15.

They face Canada in five capped games and the development squad play France three times at Glasgow’s National Hockey Centre.

Spectators are admitted free to all games and the clashes are part of the build-up for the EuroHockey Championship II in Glasgow from August 4 to 10 and the Hockey Series Finals in Dublin from June 8 to 27.

Jen Wilson, Scotland’s head coach, said it was a huge year for Scotland women and these matches are an important part of the build-up.

Scotland are ranked No 18 in the world with Canada at No 21 and France at 30 and Wilson added: “Canada and France are both in a similar position to us and have different styles of play.

“These matches are great preparation and we’ll be looking for all our players to show what they can do against this level of opposition.”

Her squad goes into the series in good form having beaten a Dutch side during a recent training camp in The Netherlands, Holland are ranked No 1 in the world, and USA, rated No 12, in a non-capped training match.

Fixtures: 15 May (7pm), Scotland v Canada; 16 May (7pm) Scotland v Canada and Scotland Performance Squad v France (5pm); 17 May (3pm) Scotland Performance Squad v France; 18 May (3pm) Scotland v Canada; 19 May (12:30pm) Scotland v Canada and Scotland Performance Squad v France (10.00am); 21 May (7pm) Scotland v Canada.

SQUAD: Scotland v Canada: Nikki Alexander-Lloyd, Fiona Burnet, Fiona Semple (Wimbledon); McKenzie Bell, Kaz Cuthbert, Kate Holmes, Becky Ward (Western Wildcats); Louise Campbell, Laura Swanson (Edinburgh University), Robyn Collins (Surbiton), Bex Condie (Gloucester City), Jen Eadie, Lexi Sabatelli, Millie Steiger, Jessica Buchanan (Clydesdale Western), Amy Gibson (Der Club An Der Alster), Kerry-Anne Hastings (Durham University), Sarah Jamieson (Muncher Sports Club, Germany), Charlotte Watson (Dundee Wanderers), Lucy Camlin, Lucy Lanigan (Watsonians).

Scotland v France: Karin Belch, Millie Brown, Jessica Buchanan, Heather Howie, Fran Lonergan (Clydesdale Western), Lucy Camlin, Lucy Lanigan (Watsonians), Lorna Cruickshank (Durham University), Rachael Mack (Leicester), Claire Wallace (Sevenoaks) plus players from the Canada squad.