A new community economics crash course for women is taking place in Edinburgh. Specially designed for women with no prior knowledge or interest in economics, the course gets to the heart of issues that matter most to attendees, shows how the economy influences our lives, and what we can do to shape it.

A mixture of discussion, games and debate, the course is run by The Church of Scotland in partnership with Economy, a charity which supports people to use economics to achieve what matters to them.

Course details:

Every Wednesday 7-9pm

29th May until 26th June

Granton Parish Church, 55 Boswall Pkwy, Edinburgh EH5 2DA

Refreshments provided

If you think economics isn’t for you, then this course is.

To sign up contact ebirkhead@churchofscotland.org.uk

The Big Picture

The economy plays a central role in society; it shapes our health and wellbeing and the sustainability of the planet. And yet, the vast majority of people feel alienated from the subject, and unable to influence the economy around them. We’re running these courses for women because economics is dominated by men, and that needs to change.

For example, only 12 per cent of the UK public feel politicians and the media talk about economics in an understandable way and only 34% of people felt information about the economy in the media was useful enough to make an informed voting choice.

Clare Birkett, Economy’s Head of Crash Courses said: “We’re so excited to be running this course in Dundee. For too long economics has been done to people not with them and this has caused great harm. We want to work with women in Edinburgh to use economics as a practical tool to achieve what matters to them.  

Joe Earle, Economy’s Chief Executive said: “We believe that bringing more people into economics has enormous potential to revitalise the economy, the media and democracy.”

Eleri Birkhead, programme manager at the Church and Society Council said: “We can’t wait to work with the women who have completed the course to start taking steps towards an economic system which is built on equality.”

Read this coverage of the Community Crash Courses see this article and video in the Guardian.

For further information contact: Clare Birkett, Head of Crash Courses on 07957 031 821 or Clare.Birkett@ecnmy.org