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Funny, dark and deeply poignant, The South Afreakins: The Afreakin Family, explores the highs and lows of one ordinary yet extraordinary family’s immigration story from desegregated South Africa to stress-free living in New Zealand.

In this new show, which premieres at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe, audiences get to see how one family navigates their way through the complexities of growing old, growing apart and trying to find happiness when letting go is so hard.

Award-winning actor and writer Robyn Paterson ups the ante and convincingly play 4 different characters: Mum Helene, Dad Gordon and warring twins Rachel and Kelly.

Set in the present day, parents Gordon and Helene are joined by sisters Rachel and Kelly on the day when the family reunite to celebrate Gordon’s 70th Birthday. 

The South Afreakins: The Afreakin Family offers audiences a witty yet achingly raw look at real family life. Old tensions, misunderstandings, regrets, jealousies, longing, choices made, fairness and unfairness are all up for debate as emotions erupt not unlike Helene’s extravagant chocolate lava birthday cake.

The idea for this follow up show came from a reviewer who ended his 4-star review of the original 2016 show The South Afreakins by saying “It would be great to see a follow up to
find out what happens to the family”. “I have to confess that this seed of a throwaway line caught my imagination and the Afreakin Family was born,” says Robyn.

Tickets here.


Venue: TheSpace On the Mile Radisson Hotel (V39)

Add: Radisson Hotel, Royal Mile EH1 1TH

Dates: 3,6,8,10,13,15,17,20,22,24

Time 15:05-16:05 (60 mins) | Prices:  £9.00 (Concession) £7.00

Box Office: 0131510 2382 | Fringe Box Office: 0131 226 0000