Reigning champion Rory Schlein will be defending the Harrison’s Scottish Open Championship at Armadale on Friday (tapes-up 7.30pm).

The rider nicknamed The Roo Boy will be seeking a record fifth title and the Aussie is having another great year at Wolverhampton and Somerset.

He has already scored a maximum at Armadale this season on the Wolves’ pre-season visit and no-one is likely to forget his superb ride from last to first to take the title last season.

Jordan Stewart is an Aussie at an earlier stage of his career but making excellent progress with Redcar Bears.

He is in the main body of the team this year and recently contributed paid 19 to the Bears’ excellent KO Cup victory over fancied Somerset.

He was in the Caledonian Riders’ Championship last year but well deserves his elevation to our senior individual event.

Nico Covatti is one of the most exciting riders around with a wide-riding, hang-off-the-bike style. The fact that he can ride like this round a tight circuit like Armadale makes his appearance an attractive one.

He scored 13 points for Ipswich at Armadale last July and will be racing in the Grand Prix qualifier at Glasgow on Saturday.

A current Edinburgh Monarchs’ rider and a former Monarch are in with new boy Victor Palovaara racing and former captain Theo Pijper also confirmed.

Victor was a steady and popular performer last season and Theo is one of the most experienced riders in the sport having first ridden for Monarchs in 2002.

On his last Armadale appearance he scored 13 and two bonus points for Berwick as Bandits thwarted Monarchs’ play-off hopes.

He has concentrated on grass and long-track bookings this summer but has rearranged his travel for weekend events in order to ride in the Scottish Open for the tenth time which is a record.

Cameron Heeps was an unexpected signing for Monarchs this season but he has quickly established himself as an exciting and popular member of the team.

Popular Kevin Doolan has ridden for many teams but has now settled as an outstanding captain of Berwick Bandits.

And Josh MacDonald is a new name this season. He came from Australia to be part of the Workington side for 2019.

The carpet was pulled from under him when Comets closed and now he is picking up bookings where he can while hoping to land a team place.