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Five years ago the Children’s Library moved into its new location beside the Central Library. It is a lovely bright space specially designed for young people to sit and enjoy reading. To celebrate the birthday some guests came along to spend the night there.

Children arrived with their teddies and had storytime.

There was time for some bear crafts, making teddy bear bookmarks.

A snack before bedtime

Night night Twilight Sparkle!
Night night Rabbie
Night night Tigger and night night Spiky
Night night Slinky and sweet dreams Mimmy
Night night and sleep tight Bear.
We’ll come and get you in the morning.

The teddies settled down for a sleep and then the children went home. But then…. the teddies got up and started playing snakes and ladders!


They were even painting….

They listened to audio books

And had a late night picnic with their Bookbug friends.

They all tried climbing as high as they could go…

Then they got sleepy and were ready for bed. Back to the tent where they snuggled down with one final bedtime story.

Breakfast in the morning with all the teddies!

Waiting to be collected by their owners…..

With thanks to the Digital team at the Central Library who looked after the teddies during their stay.