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The Great Get Together will be the third annual series of events since Labour MP Jo Cox was murdered in her Yorkshire constituency in 2016. There will be street parties and BBQs, picnics and sporting events aimed at bridging the divide in society.

Jo Cox said during her maiden speech in Parliament : “We are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us.”

Among this year’s highlights will be a lunch at the Scottish Parliament, hosted by presiding officer Ken Macintosh MSP, focusing on bringing together MSPs, their staff, Parliament staff, journalists, visitors, and others – to mark Jo’s remarkable life and legacy.

Earlier this year the Scottish Parliament had a photocall with all MSPs to support the campaign.

Kim Leadbeater, Jo Cox’s sister, said:
“Edinburgh has always been really enthusiastic about organising Great Get Togethers and this year will be better than ever. I’ve got no doubt at all that the people of the city are ready to get back together and this is just the right moment. It is three years since Jo’s horrific murder and I still can’t believe what has happened to our family. My personal grief is compounded by the current divisions across the country, which in many ways feel worse than ever. It makes it more important than ever to take some time to reconnect with each other on a human level, and The Great Get Together is the perfect opportunity to do so.

“When we turn on the TV or read the paper these days all we seem to be met with is anger and disagreement. And whilst robust debate and discussion is hugely important, I think it is also vital for us to remember how to do so in a respectful way and to take some time to focus on the things we share and have in common. 

“The only way to understand each other and live peacefully together is by getting to know each other, and The Great Get Together will have lots of brilliant events where we can do just that. I would like to thank everyone for their support in making this year’s celebrations more special than ever. Have a great time!”

Other events include a Contact the Elderly Tea Party on Sunday June 23, 2pm-4pm, and a strawberry tea at Dean squash club.

Contact the Elderly – tea party
Date: Sunday, 23 June
Time: 2-4 PM
Location: Edinburgh Group
Open event: By invitation only

Strawberry Tea
Date: Sunday, 23 June
Time: 15:00 – 17:00
Location: Dean Squash Club, Lennox Street
Postcode: EH4 1QA
Open event: Anyone can attend
Details: Turn up on the day.