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Street food in Scotland is pretty much a misnomer, as it’s usually consumed indoors, however having visited the Pitt Street Food market I was intrigued to check out the finalists of the Scottish Street Food Awards.

I took along the seafood loving Silver Fox who agreed that Redshank’s crab burger won it for us with some deep fried morsels from Shrimpwrecked a close runner up. Alas, our votes were in vain but pizza makers Wanderers Kneaded and purveyors of a rather tasty buttermilk chicken burger The Buffalo Truck were worthy winners and off to the UK heats.

Street food in its truest incarnation has a reputation for being on the cheap side but hey-ho, Scottish weather and catering economics doesn’t make that possible here. However The Pitt’s a good place to take your children and there’s usually some form of entertainment. On the day of the awards we were treated to hours of Reggae music which many of the crowd seemed to be well enthused over. The SF wasn’t impressed: “I bet they all go home and listen to Brian Adams.”

Ah, joy. The school holidays are upon us, meaning two months of looking after your own children. Knowing many families who have no relatives to help out I’ve been telling any who’ll listen about my latest Sunday lunch recommendation.

One Square at the Sheraton are offering a three course buffet where they take your sprogs off your hands for a whole hour and a half! It truly is the poshest playroom in Edinburgh, staffed by the lovely ladies from Sparkle Arts who sing, dance and paint your child’s face, all at no extra cost to their lunch. My daughter had a great time and really enjoyed the chocolate fountain at the dessert buffet. With an amazing selection of food, including some tasty salads for starters and a carvery roast for the main course it was great value for money at £29 for adults and £14.50 for children. The dining room had a lovely atmosphere thanks to a fantastic live band, Viper Swing. Pre booking is essential and places are limited. Only two child playroom places per paying adult so no, you can’t take all your friends’ brats and tot up some credit in the favour bank. However for a lovely relaxed afternoon with great food and music I’ll definitely be back here before the summer’s out.

My mini VIP and I were also invited to a cool kidz dinner party at the Hard Rock Cafe (By cool I mean media types, but there was a lady from the Beeb who has 20 selfies with George Clooney). Eating a mega burger whilst watching Morrissey on the plasma was an almost kinky experience for me. One must get one’s kicks where one can. Part of the new menu launch, my 24-Karat gold leaf burger was coated in, yes, real gold leaf. My daughter was curious to know if the erm… wastage would also be golden. All I can say is I’m pretty sure my body simply absorbed it. If ever King Midas requires a bone marrow transplant: call me!

Off to the Vine Trust barge for the launch of Yardhead whisky. This new Crabbies brand is definitely aimed at the yoof market judging by the DJ set and disarmingly pretty boyband type hosts. I enjoyed the cocktails as whisky concoctions have a good booze hit. I’m over gin, bored with it. Baddies in movies never pour a G&T, do they? I’m a straight scotch woman from now on.

Unless, that is, a Negroni’s on offer. The drink of the summer is offered up in five varieties at Continis on George St, my favourite being the Negroni Sbagliato (you know you’ve had too many when you can’t pronounce it) made with Campari, Martini Rosso and topped with Contini Prosecco and a twist of Orange.

Oh, Amore mio…