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It is of course quite fitting this year when the world is celebrating the first moon landing that we should have a spaceship at bus stop GJ on Hanover Street.

Well isn’t it?

Until we looked at the stop and made further investigation we were not aware of the copious regulations around the design of stops with or without shelters in Edinburgh.

This stop is one of the ‘semi-enclosed shelters with a roof and one or two end panels’ which are preferred by the council. These are described in the design guidance as providing adequate shelter to passengers and they are easily accessible.

The council says it always tries to provide a shelter unless there is no space or minimal demand for waiting. All bus stops should have a 2 metre square boarding area. If there is a bus stop flag then that should be ideally positioned at the downstream edge of the boarding area.

Of course it is not always possible – but if you have a stop which does not meet those requirements then maybe you would let us know about it.