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If you pop into St Bride’s Community Centre on Orwell Terrace you can enjoy the fruits of the labour of some talented quilters this month.

The patchwork pieces have been created by a group of students at Pat Archibald’s studio in Edinburgh who enrolled on her Creative Journey course.

The topic for the year was Threads and Thrums a phrase that has many layers of meaning and many different interpretations.

The students were encouraged to allow their creative talent to develop from ideas close to home to ideas far away and those which were less tangible in interpreting the phrase.

This exhibition shows off the quilting pieces and also the explanation by each of the artists as to their individual interpretations. It is a really lovely way to spend half an hour or so.

St Bride’s is a former church converted to provide a multi functional auditorium, a café area open before events with toddlers’ play section, a bar, a studio and a meeting room.

The centre is fully accessible for wheelchair users and people with disabilities.

There are a few steps at the front door. Level access can be arranged, please contact the centre for more information. There are disabled toilet facilities in the building, with ramp access.

Telephone: 0131 346 1405
Office Hours: Monday – Tuesday 9.30am – 4pm

Weds – Friday – 9.30am – 1.30pm