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Adriano’s, 137 High Street, Dunbar EH42 1ES tel: 01368 862791
Very busy chippy but worth a visit. If you don’t feel you can manage a full portion they also have a pensioner size which is good value.
Slick and friendly staff are on duty from 4pm and I was impressed. Eating the offering on a sheltered seat at picturesque, sun-kissed Dunbar Harbour on a balmy summer evening just added to the meal deal.

Café Central, 6 West Port, Dunbar EH42 1BU tel: 01368 863755
Café Central has apparently been a fixture in the East Coast resort for some years.
Perhaps some lethargy has crept in or I got there on a bad day. It was just after 5pm on a Wednesday and the shop was not busy.
I was happy to wait and when they were dished up yhe fish and chips were good for taste and value, but the service was sloppy and rather off-hand.
That is disappointing as there is a very busy alternative just round the corner.