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Rough Guides are releasing a fully-updated guide containing 1,000 personal recommendations to the best travel experiences around the globe.

Whether it’s adrenaline-based adventures like paragliding by the Matterhorn or stumbling across the world’s best coffee in Panama, in Make the Most of Your Time on Earth, readers may find something unique.

This best-selling travel book from Rough Guides is now in its fourth edition and includes experiences across all seven continents.

What makes the ultimate travel experience? The book claims Is it feasting on traditional food among locals, discovering a spectacular view away from the hustle and bustle, or pushing yourself to go outside your comfort zone and do something really adventurous?

Rough Guides CEO, Rene Frey, said: “The book brings together the world’s most amazing travel experiences, ranging from wild camping in the Oman desert, to going off-grid in northern Saskatchewan, to exploring unchartered fjords in wild East Greenland.

“Some experiences in this book are easy to do whereas others require planning and expertise.”

Some of the recommendations are:

Africa – Camp out in desert elephant country, Namibia
Antarctica – Take the Polar Plunge in Antarctica (i.e. dunk yourself into the Southern Ocean for as long as you can bear)
Asia – Meet orang-utans in Sumatra, Indonesia
Australasia – Tuck into ‘hangi’ (a traditional Maori meal) in New Zealand
Europe – Trundle along the West Highland Railway in Scotland
North America – Graze with the black Sheep at Burning Man, Nevada
South America – Explore Quichua culture in Ecuador’s volcanic highlands