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This is another stage adaptation by film-maker Bill Forsyth in as many months in the capital city.

Local Hero premiered at Edinburgh’s Lyceum earlier this year, perhaps we can expect a stage run of Comfort and Joy to complete the trilogy sometime soon.

For fans of the original 1981 film this production is an evocative return to a bygone era, through music and humour. It’s highly unlikely you would get away with a script like this today, the attitude to women in football for one has changed dramatically.

There’s a strong chemistry with the cast and the story is well acted, my only criticism is the portrayal of Steve, the master cook. He was originally an ambiguous character, in this he is played with an outdated Larry Grayson version of high camp that is best left behind in the 1970s.

His love of style, clothes and pastries was what was important, it didn’t matter what his sexuality was and it seems to be played here for cheap laughs and without nuance.

That aside, this was a fast-paced hour which produced much mirth.