It was a fine September day on Sunday for the 2019 Riding of the Marches when hundreds of horses processed up the Royal Mile. This was the tenth year since the event was revived.

It is all part of the reenactment of the journey taken by the Captain of the Trained Band (responsible for keeping order in the city) to tell of the tragic news of the defeat at Flodden in 1513, but also a way of checking the boundaries or marches of the city to ensure that all citizens are well.

At the Mercat Cross the Rt Hon Lord Provost Frank Ross, his Bailies and The Incorporated Trades of Edinburgh who join the cavalcade on the Royal Mile with the Lord Dean of Guild and the Deacon-Convener of Trades, all in their full robes and chains of office. They were preceded in a walking procession down from the City Chambers to John Knox’s House by the High Constables.

Riding of the Marches 2019. Photo: Martin P. McAdam

Upon arrival at the Mercat Cross, the Edinburgh Captain dismounted and ascended the Mercat Cross, accompanied by the Edinburgh Lass.

The Edinburgh Lass, the Edinburgh Captain and the Rt Hon Lord Provost of the City of Edinburgh on top of the Mercat Cross with Councillor Iain Whyte (right) who is Chairman of the Edinburgh March Riding Association. PHOTO ©2019 The Edinburgh Reporter

The Lord Provost extended his welcome to the riders and spectators. 

The Edinburgh Captain then lowered the City Banner from the Mercat Cross, followed by the Blue Blanket, all the flags of the Incorporate Trades of Edinburgh, The Merchants of Edinburgh and the Edinburgh Exiles, during which a bugler played the Last Post. 

Riding of the Marches 2019. Photo: Martin P. McAdam

The assembled crowd was then invited to observe a one minute silence for the fallen of Flodden and all wars. 

To complete the mark of respect, the bugler played ‘Reveille’, the flags were raised and the Captain delivered a short speech, declaring the boundaries of the City of Edinburgh to be safe and intact.

He then presented the Lord Provost with the City Banner, unsullied and unstained. 

The event then concluded and the riders departed, heading to the ‘Three Sisters Bar’ in the Canongate for the famous ‘After Party’.

Josh Ward takes the banner for The Edinburgh Exiles PHOTO ©2019 The Edinburgh Reporter

Earlier in the City Chambers Josh Ward (Standard Bearer) (Edinburgh) took charge of The Edinburgh Exiles Association banner. The Edinburgh Exiles Association gives visiting Edinburgh exiles the chance to carry the Edinburgh Exiles Standard as part of the spectacular Edinburgh Riding of the Marches cavalcade.  This unique opportunity for those born and bred in Edinburgh who now find themselves living out-with Scotland to return and share in the historic occasion. Josh has spent some time in Japan and lived in Tokyo as part of his university abroad programme. He commented : “I am very honoured to take part.”