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The Scottish Government responded earlier in the week to a Home Office announcement which details new arrangements for EU citizens arriving after Brexit in a no deal scenario.

Migration Minister Ben Macpherson said:“This announcement by the UK Government, on the rights of EU citizens in a no-deal scenario, significantly fails to provide the necessary reassurances EU citizens are so desperately seeking.

“Time and again the Scottish Government has highlighted the folly of the UK Government’s proposed three-year ‘Temporary Leave to Remain’ scheme, which won’t work for students in Scotland or Scotland as a whole. Unfortunately, the UK Government continues to ignore the concerns of Scottish higher education institutions.

“Scotland wants, welcomes and needs EU citizens to come here to live, work, study and settle. But because of the UK Government’s immigration policies, EU citizens arriving after Brexit look set to face more uncertainty and confusion. Under the UK Government’s plans, people will be expected to put their trust in an undefined immigration system with no guarantee whatsoever that they will be able to stay beyond December 2023.

“These ill-thought-out proposals are yet further evidence that the UK Government is incapable of delivering effective immigration policies which reflect Scotland’s values, circumstances or interests. It is time for Scotland to have the powers to deliver tailored immigration solutions to meet Scotland’s needs and aspirations.

“This comes as the Scottish Government has published a summary of our current migration policy paper. We will publish a further policy paper on migration later this year, as outlined in our Programme for Government.”

Ben Macpherson MSP