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Daniel Johnson MSP hosted Professor Stephen Salter to Holyrood on Tuesday evening. Professor Salter delivered a presentation to MSPs on how his engineering solutions could prevent the effects of excessive global warming.

Stephen Salter is Emeritus Professor of Engineering Design at the University of Edinburgh and has been at the forefront of finding engineering solutions for environmental problems for four decades.   He has several items which he was involved in creating on display at The National Museum of Scotland, although as he quipped : “I really don’t want my designs only to end up in a museum!”

His latest project which he has worked on for twenty years already, involves building unmanned ships which would ‘patrol’ the oceans spraying sea water into the air above the sea surface. The deceptively simple idea would make the clouds whiter and so more reflective, sending the sun’s energy back to space. This will have the effect of cooling the earth beneath, and may lead to complete reversal of the melting polar ice caps and other aspects of global warming.

Professor Salter believes that more commitment is needed from governments everywhere and demonstrated how his unmanned spray vessels could arrest the effects of global warming across the world. He claims that 300 of his unmanned spray vessels could save the Antarctic ice and the Great Barrier Reef.

Professor Stephen Salter showing Daniel Johnson MSP at Holyrood the size of droplets required to increase cloud size and thus reflectivity. PHOTO ©2019 The Edinburgh Reporter

We interviewed Professor Salter earlier this year when he explained the project to us :

Daniel Johnson said:“It was a real pleasure to welcome Professor Salter and hear all about his solutions to combat climate change.”

“Surely it is now beyond doubt that we are grappling with a climate emergency and need real action from all levels of government to reduce greenhouse emissions and improve our environment.”

“While they are important to raise awareness, the cost of hosting large scale Climate Conferences could easily fund the practical solutions mentioned by Professor Salter.”

“It’s time the Scottish Government look at following practical solutions.

“Interventions from pioneers like Professor Salter is exactly what we need to pressure The Scottish Government into doing more.”

Professor Stephen Salter speaking at Holyrood PHOTO ©2019 The Edinburgh Reporter