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Lothian MSP calls for businesses to consider the financial benefits of being more disability-friendly

On Purple Tuesday Jeremy Balfour MSP encouraged Lothian businesses to consider the financial benefits of becoming more disability-friendly.

Jeremy Balfour Pic – Andrew Cowan/Scottish Parliament

Purple Tuesday which takes place today is an international call to businesses to create a strategy for supporting disabled customers and service users.

The purpose is to raise awareness of the spending power of disabled people and their families, also known as the value of the “purple pound”, which is worth £249 billion in the UK.

The idea being that if companies create accessibility for disabled customers, then the company would benefit financially from attracting those customers and their families. 

Jeremy Balfour MSP for Lothian expressed his support for the campaign and called for local businesses to consider how they will respond.

The Scottish Conservative and Unionist MSP said:“Purple Tuesday is doing an extremely important job of challenging the way that the business world view disability.

“When businesses realise that accessibility and inclusion is an advantage, and not a burden, to them financially; it changes their approach and creates a much more positive attitude towards disability.

“I encourage all companies in Lothian, no matter their size, to consider what they can do to make their business more accessible for disabled people.”