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Edinburgh winners join Scotland’s £96 Million National Lottery Line-Up

David Hendry, Donna Hendry, Ann Sharp, Brian Sharp

Lottery winners from Edinburgh made a glamorous line-up in a Vanity Fair inspired photoshoot as they celebrated a quarter century of all of us playing (and some of us winning) The National Lottery. With winnings worth more than £6 million between them, the lucky individuals gathered together to share tips and reveal how their lives have been transformed by their win.

The photograph features some of the biggest winners from the incredible 526 millionaires who have been created in Scotland since The National Lottery began in 1994.

Back row, left to right: Barry Little, Pam Forbes, Jim Forbes, Jake Bowman, Sheila Storey, Raymond Storey, Ann Sharp, Brian Sharp, Ken Wedgeworth, Fred Higgins, Lesley Higgins, David Hendry, John Doherty, Michael Innes, Leslie Campbell

The line-up includes Edinburgh Lotto winning couples Ann and Brian Sharp who won £2m in 2010 and David and Donna Hendry who scooped £4m in 2015.

Other major winners in the celebratory picture include Fred and Lesley Higgins from Aberdeenshire who won £57.9m in July 2018, Alison and John Doherty from Renfrewshire and who scooped £14.6 in 2016, Jake Bowman from Dundee who won £10.3m in 2016 and Libby Elliot from Aberdeen who took home £2.1m in 2012. The winners travelled far and wide from all corners of Scotland to take part in the photoshoot, with a whopping £96,997,548 in winnings between them.