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Edinburgh Monarchs bosses have thanked all supporters and sponsors for their support throughout the 2019 season.

They said on-track results took a time to get going but with adjustments to the team home form improved.

But, they admitted that overall the performance of the team was below par.

Alex Harkess (pictured), Monarchs co-promoter Alex Harkess, paid special tribute to supporters and said: “Many other clubs claim to have the best fans but I know this is not the case.

“This is because I know that the Monarchs have the best fans without doubt. Whether on the terraces or in backing the Monarchs Fans Trust or Monarchs Grand Draw, the on-going support is incredible.

“The Monarchs Fans Trust and Monarchs Grand Draw remain crucial to the club.”

John Campbell, Alex’s promoting partner, also paid his tribute. He said: “Our fans coming through the doors provide the most vital income to the Club,

“I thank you all for sticking by us. I am also grateful to Nigel and Donna Finlay at Staggs Bar, Musselburgh, and thank them for their enthusiastic team sponsorship along with our other partner sponsors.

“Also, it takes over 50 volunteer helpers to put together our show on a Friday evening and without them it simply wouldn’t be possible.”

He added: “We now look forward to 2020 and we are very positive.”

Meanwhile, the annual end-of-season supporters survey is back, offering fans the opportunity to share their thoughts on all areas across the club.

A spokesman said: “Since the survey first took place in 2012, this annual questionnaire has guided the club by offering vital feedback from supporters as to areas that need attention. The club would love to hear your thoughts.”

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