Amy Liston is a young Edinburgh artist whose work you are definitely going to want to buy. You will get the chance to see it at the Christmas Makers Market at Edinburgh Palette on 7 December 2019.

This is bespoke and unique art which is produced on greetings cards, as a framed print or used to decorate a tote bag. When you see what she does you will find it hard to believe that she is entirely self-taught. A former Leith Academy pupil, by day she is a trainee digital communications executive, but her passion is her art. She now has a studio at Edinburgh Palette on London Road where I went to meet her and see her working.

The designs are often floral, but all based in nature and often have a catchy quote or wording on them. At £3.50 upwards for a card it is affordable art.

Amy told us : “In my spare time I run a small art business called A Liston Designs. I make handmade cards bags prints.
“I really like nature so I’m quite obsessed with bees flowers, trees, everything like that. 

“I really like the colours that you get from flowers. So I started looking at Pinterest and looking at different photos on Instagram and just kind of taking bits and bobs from it. 

“I was designing a tattoo for an old friend like maybe a year or so ago and I had a bit of an art block. I ordered 100 cards just randomly to try out and then I just kind of got started and realised that I really liked it!  I started looking into like the intricate details of cards and and how the flowers look and all the colours.

 “I’m completely self taught and I started looking at all this stuff, maybe about January time watching videos and different pictures and I kind of mimic the person who does it. I actually don’t have a calligraphy pen. So I go over it with a fine liner just so that I can get all of the details and and make it as neat as possible. 

“I mainly make cards, prints and bags. I’m all about  kind of like handmade sustainable products.  it’s just amazing being surrounded by so many creative people in the world of business owners and musicians and just kind of  getting a feel for what the industry is for. There’s a makers event I think in December so there’ll be a lot of Christmas stuff going about. It’s just a really good creative area. I mean, I went to Leith Academy, so you know, it’s just it’s a great place to be”

Amy Liston who makes original art cards and uses her art to decorate tote bags too PHOTO ©2019 The Edinburgh Reporter