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We know all about tales of wizards in Edinburgh, but when someone hands you a wand, tells you it is made from some part of a unicorn and that you are going to make potions, you really do want to believe it all.

In an escape from electioneering and the Christmas frenzy which is now beginning we were invited along to try out the new speakeasy on Frederick Street and meet the founders Matt (from New Jersey) and Dave (who’s English). The only reason that their nationalities are important is that this is the fourth pop up that they have established. Their last just below Bono’s Clarence Hotel in Dublin has just finished and shut up shop, so for now they are concentrating on Edinburgh and the basement den of magic on Hanover Street.

You put on a robe and now you really look like the wizard or witch you already think you are. You can go for the full magic experience or you can sit in the forward area where you don’t have to get so involved with the magic and the mysterious creatures.

The staff however are fabulous at involving you, and there are some very delicious drinks on offer – both with and without alcohol.

Mrs Clause, AKA Drag Queen, Ellie Diamond, is the first lady in the red suit and she will be in her gorgeous grotto from 5pm every Saturday in the run up to Christmas (7, 14 and 21 December) to find out whether Scotland’s sorcerers have been naughty or nice. You will be judged on whether you have performed good or bad magic during 2019, and will be presented with an appropriate drink to suit. 

Matthew Cortland, co-founder of The Magic of Things, the imagineering studio behind The Cauldron Magical Experience, comments: 

“Christmas is undoubtedly the most magical time of the year, so it makes sense for us to celebrate it in style – with a twist! We like our visitors to experience the unexpected, so our Santa is more slay than sleigh and our Christmas sparkle is more of an explosion. Come and warm up in our dungeon this December and make your own Christmas magic!”

Hidden in plain sight beneath Edinburgh’s Frederick Street, The Cauldron offers an immersive cocktail class, with tickets starting at £29.99 per magical being. Alcohol-free, gluten and vegan options are available. As well as out of this world cocktails, The Cauldron is also home to ‘Three Sisters Pale Ale’, a limited edition Innis & Gunn collaboration. Made exclusively for The Cauldron Edinburgh, the beer is infused with rosemary, honey and thistle and reimagined using an old Scot’s brewing recipe.

PS Big disclaimer – nothing to do with Harry Potter although they are organising experiences for young people under 18 in the run up to Christmas. Have a look at the website for more details.

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