Oleg and Elvira Dmitriev have some gorgeous wines for you.

Each one is handpicked and available in the online shop which they have recently set up.

All of their wines are award winning or ranked highly by independent experts. The couple began with the thought that busy people just need some help in buying the best wine.

Oleg said: “It is so easy to be overwhelmed with choice, so we ourselves always struggled to find good wine. We decided to focus on quality rather than cheap prices, and we went direct to boutique wineries in Italy to choose their best wines. It was quite a journey! We read loads of books on wine, drove and walked countless miles and found many business partners and friends along the way.”

Oleg has a background in engineering and manuufacturing and knows that a high quality facility is key to a good quality product. He continued: “There is no black magic here. We visit winemakers in key areas of Italy, the wine regions such as Barolo, Barbaresco, Roero, Chianti Classico, Alto Adige to name just a few. Before we buy a new wine we always visit the winemaker. The best wine comes from the best grapes which must in our view be hand-picked. Machine harvesters pick unripe grapes along with all the dust and insects. So we visit the vineyard, preferring south facing slopes and we check for the density of planting and the type of soil.

“We look at the winery, we check the fermentation tanks, the cellars and the bottling machines. We are keen to see that the floors and vats are clean, and we like to know about the electronics and automation used. We like our winemakers to be carbon neutral, and are especially impressed by those who use solar or geothermal sources of energy.”

Oleg and Elvira

It is Independent Wine’s aim to show you the good from the bad. They simply don’t have any bad wines. Both Oleg and Elvira completed qualifications in wine and have produced some guides for you to learn from at home. You will find links below.

They began with an online shop and were in the process of setting up a bricks and mortar shop in Morningside when Covid-19 came along.

Their aim is quite simply to be the best online wine shop for those of you who are looking for really great wines. Their business is already going well with sales and visitor numbers on the increase. They are already listed on the Decanter and Wine Searcher website.

But best of all for them they were already set up to deal with home working and distribution as an online company. And you can order from them today.


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