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alistair_sheids_1_200x200Councillor Alastair Shields who represents Almond Ward has confirmed to us tonight that he will not be standing as a candidate at the next council election in May 2017.

He said : “I had earlier made clear to you that I was looking forward to stand and had in fact been out on the doors over the summer.

“But after long deliberation and discussion recently with my nearest and dearest, the decision now is not to pursue it and stand aside next year when my term ends.”

Councillor Shields was elected as a Liberal Democrat councillor in 2012, but left the party in December 2015 after apparently being deselected as council candidate. This meant that the LibDem group in the council was reduced to two representatives in Councillor Paul Edie and Councillor Robert Aldridge. During the last administration they had 17 councillors and the council was led by LibDem Cllr Jenny Dawe. Cllr Edie has already said he will be stepping down next year.

Cllr Shields had previously said he would stand in May 2017 as an independent candidate.

Kevin Lang is the confirmed Liberal Democrat candidate for Almond Ward.

Those councillors who have intimated that they are not standing at next year’s elections are denoted here with an asterisk.

Not all parties have yet advised who their candidates are next May, except the Green Group who have already set out their stall here.

Lib Dem Dan Farthing-Sykes has declared his intention to stand in the Southside Newington Ward.